Oh See Demons – Personal Issues

On February 23rd, the Norwegian band Oh See Demons released their last record, Personal Issues. Yes, it’s been a while, but that record has been in my playlist since then and I really like it. So here’s what I have to say about it.

From the first notes, I knew Oh See Demons were really different from what I was used to listen to. First of all, they perfectly mix pop punk, skate punk and punk rock with a touch of post hardcore. Sounds weird? It could, but not at all. And this is exactly why they caught my attention.

The first song, Don’t Forget Me, sets the tone and makes me headbang everytime I hear the first « oooh ooooh ooooh ». If you like fast songs, you’ll probably like I Think You Left Your Shoes and All Eyes. If you prefer smoother songs, I recommend Just Before You Go. The whole record is about catchy melodies that make me want to sing. Mouth Breather is probably the song with the biggest post hardcore touch. You can hear it in the structure and the singer’s voice. It’s an amazing song. But I’d say that every song is a mix of different rythms and styles and that’s why I like Oh See Demons so much.

My favorite song is definitely Glass Containers, a pop rock song with a little disco touch. It’s the song that puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance no matter what’s going on. It’s impossible to feel sad while listening to it and it’s probably why it figures in my top 50 Spotify playlist.

Personnal Issues is a great record. I like everything: the melodies, the voice, the production. It really shows that the band put a lot of efforts in every aspect of the recording process so they could offer their fans an amazing product. And I like it from A to Z.

Finally, Personnal Issues is my go-to album when I need to cheer up. Hopefully it will put a smile on your face and you’ll like it as much as I do. Enjoy!



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