My Favorite EPs from 2018

With the year drawing to a close, it’s time to look back over the last twelve months of the punk rock scene. It’s been an incredible year for punk rock. So incredible that I haven’t been able to choose a top 5 EPs like I usually do. So here’s a list of my favorite EPs from 2018.

  1. Bussieres – Sunny Side Up
  2. Main Line 10 – The Fox
  3. One Hidden Frame/Thousand Oaks – Antipodes
  4. Down Memory Lane – Release
  5. TAIWAN BALEK – Waiting for Growing Up
  6. Feed the Cat – Never Press Rewind. Except…
  7. The ProblemAddictsfl – Derailed
  8. Postscript – Black Blood
  9. No Real Hero – The Forest
  10. Red City Radio – SkyTigers
  11. Goodbye Blue Monday – Misery – Punk Ruined My Life
  12. Twenty2 – Nice Knowin’ Ya
  13. Bring on the Storm – Altruism
  14. Family Meeting – Walk Left/Stand Right
  15. Call It A Day – Mind the Gap

Here’s my Spotify playlist that features all the EPs released in 2018 that I like. You’ll find the 15 EPs mentioned above and many other EPs that I really dig :



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