Bash Brothers – Downhearted




I was not too familiar with Bash Brothers before I heard about the hype of a new album coming out in 2019. I know I listened to their previous album in 2017, but couldn’t really remember what it sounded like, so I was really eager to see what the hype was all about.

My first impression after listening to a few tracks was that first of all, it really fits with my personal taste. I like my punk rock fast and technical where everything has the ability to shine at any moment, and this is something that Bash Brothers can bring to the table on every song.

One of their strenghts and something I really appreciate about their sound is the way they manage their vocals. I am pretty sure I can distinguish three different voices when listening to the album, and the way the back vocals are used to enhance some songs, such as It’s not the End of the World and Paralyzed makes it that much more enjoyable.

Talking about the vocals, their main vocalist John Engdahl has a kind of voice I’ve never really heard anywhere else. It took me a few listens to really appreciate what was offered, as it’s such a unique voice. But in the end, it grew on me, and it’s uniqueness really helps create a signature sound for the band.

We can talk all day about how great this album is, but without a doubt, Bash Brother‘s main strenght is their two guitar players. All the songs are well constructed and the lead guitar is really adding a layer of complexity on every song. He is also setting up the mood brilliantly and with a darker tone on some songs, you can really feel the emotions flowing through some of his riffs. To me, this is the number one reason why their latest effort will be seen regularly in my rotation.

With all that said, I had to go back and listen to their previous album, as I was curious to see the difference between both albums. The 2017 album is very good, but the difference maker is definitely the production on the new album. While both albums are good, you can see the extra care on the vocal parts and the improvement of the overall sound makes all the difference in the world for it to be able to pass the test of time.

In the end, I hope this album will break a lot of doors for Bash Brothers, as they would deserve to get known and be able to tour around the world. The album is solid and has nothing to envy from what the more established bands can offer.

Here’s the link to the record on Bandcamp :

– Gwile

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