Burnt Tapes – Never Better

When I pressed « play » to listen to the debut LP of Burnt Tapes, Never Better, I had no specific expectations. I had listened to their two previous EPs, I knew they were a pretty good four piece from London, UK, but I was definitely not expecting to fall in love instantly with that record. Right from the first song, I knew I was having the chance to listen to a record that would probably make my top of the year. And we’re only in February.

The beginning of the first song, which is the title track, Never Better, makes me want to close my eyes to listen to it more carefully. The voice of the singer and the melancholy of the music go straight to my heart. The band couldn’t have chosen a better song to start the record, as it’s very representative of what’s coming next.

All the songs are super melodic and well constructed. The melody always fits perfectly the lyrics. Nostalgy is all over that record, both in the lyrics and the music. Even if the music is energetic and carries an amazing vibe, most of the songs are about loneliness, dysfunctional relationships, holding on to the past, struggling with your thoughts and bad habits… things a lot of people can relate to.

I like the record so much from A to Z that I’m not even able to decide which song is my favorite one. I might have a soft spot for Don’t Make Me Play Bocelli though. I was on a roadtrip with my boyfriend last weekend, driving under the sun, and we were singing it out loud together. And it made me realize that that record is one I can appreciate on my own with my eyes closed just as much as I can share it happily with someone else. Definitely a banger!

Shout out to Birds and Birds, and Animals, and Things that makes me head bang as soon as it starts. I love that song so much! And the duet in Forty, Forty-Five is just amazing. The mix of the two voices is a piece of heaven.

Never Better could never be better. There’s seriously nothing I would want Burnt Tapes to change or improve. To me, that record is perfection. I really hope they’re going to cross the pond someday so I’ll get the chance to see them live. In the meantime, I’ll keep listening to their record on repeat and I hope my review will make you want to listen to it to. Here’s the link : http://lockjawrecords.bandcamp.com/album/never-better




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