The ProblemAddictsfl – Bad Breaks

I discovered The ProblemAddictsfl, a punk rock/pop punk band from Florida, in February 2018, when they released their last EP, Derailed. I loved that EP so much that it was in my top EPs of 2018. So when I heard the band was going to release its first full length record, I was super excited to hear it. Bad Breaks was finally released on May 24th through A Jam Records and it quickly became one of my favorite records of the year. Here are the reasons why!

First of all, I have to say that I listen to so many different bands that I don’t have the time to listen to the records I love as often as I’d like to. But I recognize my favorite records by the smile they put on my face when I press Play. I love the feeling of falling in love again. And sometimes those records make me feel like I’m back home after a shitty day at work. And that’s exactly how Bad Breaks makes me feel. Every time I press Play and hear the first notes of Cliffnotes on a Broken Heart, I tell myself « OMG this is so good!! »

Bad Breaks is all about fun vibes and fast and catchy riffs. In other words: my favorite kind of pop punk. The record is comprised of 10 songs and lasts 22 minutes. I don’t think I have to say more about the tempo; it’s fast! As for the lyrics, the band wrote about subjects that people from our generation can definitely relate to. We live in a world where Tinder seems to control our way to consume people just like we consume any other thing, and break ups and come backs are just the way too many relationships work out these days. Sad but true.

I feel like I have a little something special for every song on Bad Breaks. Cliffnotes on a Broken Heart, like I said before, is the song that always makes me realize how I love that record. Overdue is super fun and kind of reminds me of the good old Sum 41. Off the Couch has a touch of nostalgia that hits me every time I hear it. So melodic and so great. The fourth song, Hospitals & Heartbreaks, is super fast and probably my favorite one, even if it’s a bit hard to tell since I really like all the songs. The lyrics of Paystubs & Paper Cups remind me of all the nights I spent with my friends driving around with no specific place to go, singing along old punk rock songs. Good old days! The rough voice and the melodic rhythm of Temper Tantrums literally make me melt. Option Three is probably my second favorite song of the record. It is so melodic; I just love it!  Sunday Morning Porcelain Praying is about partying and being hungover the day after and I just love its rock n roll vibe. It’s definitely a song that makes you want to party… maybe without the hangover! The band decided to add a cover of Stand By Me to the record and to be honest, it’s so much better than the version released by Pennywise in the 90’s. Great cover! And finally, All Up to Me, a typical fast punk rock song of 45 seconds to end the record. What more could you ask for?

Well, I couldn’t have asked for more since I think Bad Breaks is a perfect record. I was so sad when I realized The ProblemAddictsfl were playing a show in Orlando the night I was coming back to Ottawa after The Fest. They are definitely a band I want to see live one day, just to feel the energy they radiate on their album.

Here’s the link to the record: Enjoy!






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