Coral Springs – Always Lost, Never Found

As one of my best friends owns a label and trusts my musical tastes, I sometimes have the chance to listen to demos from bands he’s thinking of signing. This is how I got the chance to listen to Coral Springs a couple of months ago. And my reaction was « OMG those guys are amazing, you have to sign them. » And I couldn’t wait to hear the debut LP from that 5-piece pop punk band from Netherlands.

So my expectations were quite high. And to my surprise, they were even exceeded when I heard the album for the first time. Always Lost, Never Found is an amazing record that I love from the first to the last track. The first thing that caught my attention is definitely Jo’s voice. So powerful but sweet at the same time. I could listen to it everyday without being tired of it. Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since the album has been released.

Coral Spring‘s music is a great mix of pop punk and punk rock. It has the catchiness of pop punk and the intensity of punk rock. Every song on the record is constructed in a way that perfectly complements Jo’s voice, and the energy the members put in their melodies is contagious. It’s a record that automatically puts a smile on my face and that I can listen to on repeat for hours.

The songs are very well written too. Loss is definitely the overarching theme of the record. Pretty much all the lyrics are about losing yourself and losing sight of old friends, but without being too sad or dramatic. Actually, the band expresses a message of hope for a brighter future in some songs, especially in Determined and Roam. The lyrics go straight to my heart when Jo sings « I’m determined to hold on » and the lyrics of Roam are my favorite of the record.

Like I said before, I love all the songs that figure on Always Lost, Never Found, but my favorite ones are definitely Voices and The Alluring Sea. The catchiness of those songs makes me want to dance and sing out loud. I also have a soft spot for Ghost, the slowest song of the record. It is very emotional and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. And I like the fact that the band put it right in the middle of the album. It’s like they’re giving us a break between two waves of high energy. The record also features an amazing duet between Jo and Tom West from Almeida, On a Hold. The mix of those two voices is beautiful.

Finally, if you like energetic pop punk music, Always Lost, Never Found by Coral Springs is definitely a record for you. I highly recommend it if you’re especially a fan of Not on Tour and CF98. And to be honest, Coral Springs have nothing to envy of those well established bands. To me, they are already part of the great pop punk/punk rock bands.

Here’s the link to listen to Always Lost, Never Found :





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