My 10 Favorite Records of All Time : Davey Knight (Debt Cemetary, Gnarly Horse)

Hey! My name is Davey Knight and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I sing for a newly formed band called Debt Cemetary, as well as play in a power pop group called Gnarly Horse. Most recently, I have been tracking bass on an upcoming album by the skatepunk band, Winning Streak. Music, especially punk music, is my life and the idea of naming my top 10 albums seems impossible. Here are 10 albums that have affected me very positively and have stuck with me over the years.

  1. A Wilhelm ScreamCareer Suicide

I remember when Career Suicide first came out and my brain exploded. I’m a huge fan of fast, technical punk but this was over the top! The songwriting is incredible and I love the huge studio production – the guitars are massive and that bass tone is unbeatable. It’s hard to put on just one track, because I love listening to the whole thing front to back. A pure masterpiece.

Favourite track: We Built This City! (On Debts and Booze)


  1. NoFxSo Long And Thanks For All The Shoes

This was my introduction to NoFX, back when I was a young lad, and it’s hands down my favourite NoFX album. The flow of the songs is incredible and there’s really not a dull moment. I feel like it’s got every element that a punk fan would want in an album! It’s hard to say anything else, other than it’s the perfect punk record and you should go listen to it right now. 

Favourite track: Kids Of The K Hole


  1. MxPxSlowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo

MxPx is the first punk band I ever got into and it was timed perfectly with this album coming out. Every mix CD I made in high school had at least 3 songs from this one and I was all-out obsessed with it for years. It’s still in regular rotation and I’m lucky enough to own it on vinyl! 

In my opinion, this is the darkest that MxPx has ever sounded and it really suited them. I’ve grown with the band but there’s no doubt that Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo is a true gem in their discography. 

Favourite track: Set The Record Straight


  1. Frenzal RhombSmoko At The Pet Food Factory

Bangers from start to finish! This is probably the best production I have heard on a punk album – they kept it simple and really let the instruments breathe. In classic Frenzal form, the lyrics are hilarious and are paired with awesome upbeat music. Smoko is the real deal and I will always come back to it time and time again. 

Favourite track: Hungry Jacks Car Park


  1. Strike AnywhereExit English

Without knowing who they were, I saw Strike Anywhere open for Good Riddance and Anti Flag. I was hooked immediately and bought Exit English, and never looked back. Although it might not necessarily be my favourite Strike Anywhere album (that changes day to day), it was my introduction to one of my all time favorite bands, and that I will forever cherish it. Exit English seemed to be a huge step up from Strike Anywhere’s previous material, and they really ramped up the heaviness of their sound. 

Favourite track: Infared


  1. No TriggerCanyoneer

I feel like No Trigger is one of the most under appreciated punk bands of all time. I’m not huge on screaming but these guys have the perfect amount to compliment their pop punk style vocals. Canyoneer is equal parts heavy and catchy and I dare someone to try and not like it. It’s impossible. 

Favourite track: More To Offer


  1. Rancid – ...And Out Come The Wolves

This should be on everyone’s top 10 list, as it’s so well put together. How is it even possible to have 19 songs, without one being at least a little bit shitty? Considering the Rancid albums leading up to Wolves (which I love), it’s really cool to see them take a turn with some grassroots punk and ska. Let’s face it – they still play a lot of this album in their live set. Tried, tested and true.

Favourite track: Olympia WA


  1. BigwigAn Invitation To Tragedy

I remember my buddy asking to borrow my cherished Belvedere CD from me, way long ago. I agreed but needed a swap from him and he handed me BigwigAn invitation to Tragedy. Upon my first listen, I didn’t even get halfway through the album, and had already declared it one of my all time favourites. I like how the album starts off with a few thrashy fast tunes but then you’re thrown some straight up pop punk tracks in the mix. I feel like every chorus is really memorable too, which goes a long way for me.

Favourite track: Mr. Asshole


  1. AdrenalizedTales From The Last Generation

Sometimes you just need an album that is blistering fast and technical on every track, and Adrenalized did exactly that with Tales From The Last Generation. They blended in a wide variety of influences ranging from thrash to melodic hardcore, and I think it’s perfect. Guitar solos, tight vocal harmonies, a monster bass player, and wicked huge production. Turns out they are also insanely good live too! 

Favourite track: Crawling In The Ashes


  1. Belvedere‘Twas Hell Said Former Child

Without really knowing much about them, I randomly caught Belvedere live, when they were touring this album. It reminded me of the first time I smoked pot; food tasted better, I was seeing new colours for the first time, and it just made me really happy. It’s probably one of the most interesting punk albums I’ve heard and has massively influenced all of the modern skatepunk I love listening to. I will go ahead and say that this album changed my life, as it was the exact music I needed at that point in my life.

Favourite track: A Juxtaposition Of Action And Reason


Honourable mentions: 

BaysideKilling Time

Living with LionsMake Your Mark


Boys Night OutTrainwreck

Banner PilotHeart Beats Pacific

Atlas Losing GripState Of Unrest


The Mighty Mighty BosstonesLet’s Face It

GradeUnder The Radar

The Pettit ProjectSecret Diary Of Allen

Jerk CircusNevermind The Suburbs

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